Anne Arundel County Fire Department Station 8


     Welcome to the un-0fficial home page for Anne Arundel County Fire Department Station Eight.  This is a brand new station providing fire, EMS, and rescue services to the Annapolis Neck area of Anne Arundel County and Mutual aid to Annapolis, MD.

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Home of the Week: Annapolis Neck Fire Station

Published 09/05/09

The coming week marks the anniversary of another day destined to live in infamy: Sept. 11. So it is not coincidental this "Home of the Week" is being featured today, reminding us not just of those we lost, but also those who remain, and those who do so in our own neck of the woods.

Shannon Lee Zirkle - the Capital Lt. Richard Jones, left, paramedic Charles Velte, engineman Chris Boettcher, firefighter Debbie Sosnoski and firefighter Alison Hester stand outside the Annapolis Neck Fire Station.
Anne Arundel County Fire Department Division Chief Michael Cox gives a tour of the Annapolis Neck Fire Station.

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Annapolis Neck station finally arrives

Washington Capital

Published 05/26/09

It took almost 40 years, but the Annapolis Neck Fire Station is finally up and running.

 Joshua McKerrow - The Capital
TOP: Firefighters at the new Annapolis Neck Fire Station. From left is Lt. David Ritchie, Firefighter Nathan McKinzie, Firefighter Shane Cantrell, Engineman Jack Lambert Jr, and Paramedic John Knapp.
BOTTOM: The new Annapolis Neck Fire Station has a Zodiac for water rescues.

The county Fire Department's new Station No. 8 on Bay Ridge Road was first suggested in a fire-station study in the late 1960s, and the community has been clamoring for it ever since.
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                     Site and Station still under construction

So check back often for updates!